09/01/2020Junk modelingMake individual model with boxes
16/01/2020Safety/ minor cutsSplit group up, half in the kitchen to talk about safety / dangees in the kitchen, show new beavers round the fire extinguishers In the hall discuss why it is important to tell an adult when an accident has happened Simple first aid for cuts/ bruises, what would you use if you were outside without a first aid kit
23/01/2020Burns nightDo a promise game, make a bagpipe using ziplock bag, blowers and tape
30/01/2020Night walkMeet at Glasgreen Doctors, have a look at the stars, try and pick out some, green cross code, talk about stranger danger
06/02/2020Cake decorating/investiture, swim upDecorate fairy cakes with icing, light a birthday candle Investiture for new beavers, swim up for older ones
13/02/2020Den buildingBuild 3 different dens using chairs and blankets, discuss what animals live in a den Put sticky notes down for others to follow a trail
20/02/2020FairtradeJudys night talking about fairtrade
27/02/2020Bird feeder/ pancake with scouts?Make a bird feeder
05/03/2020FoodsHave a game using pictures of good food and bad food, bring in some junk and healthy foods
12/03/2020DecodingUse a cipher wheel to decode message, use pencil and paper to make a secret message for others to decode, invisible ink
19/03/2020Chandlers courtPlay Bingo with the residents
26/03/2020Egg hunt/wide gamePlay a wide game first, then egg hunt outside if possible